Notary services

We offer extensive services…

…including advice on and designing legal transactions, drafting and preparation of necessary documents and legal recording.

In our Wil/SG office we offer both national and international clients a broad range of first-hand notary services under favourable conditions. In order to develop appropriate solutions for our clients, these services are augmented by prudent and well-founded advice.

We also offer recordings after official opening hours or regulated office hours. The cost of recordings is based on the general fees for public recordings.

Our services include:


  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Testamentary dispositions:
    • contracts of succession by inheritance
    • contracts on renunciation of inheritance
    • public testamentary dispositions
  • Establishing foundations
  • Suretyship obligations
  • Recordings in commercial register matters, such as:
    • formation of a company (stock corporations, limited liability companies, etc.)
    • amendments to articles of association
    • mergers, spin-offs, transformations and transfers of assets
    • capital increases
    • capital decreases
    • dissolutions
    • assignment of shares
  • Certifications
  • authenticity of signatures
  • authenticity of copies and transcripts
  • authenticity of calendar data, translations and other documents


Contact person

Detlef Sommer
Partner, Chairman of the Executive Board of hba Rechtsanwälte AG, Zurich
Office Zürich
Tel.: +41 44 508 40 02
Fax: +41 44 508 40 01