Public commercial law

Successful entrepreneurship and well-governed municipalities both rely on a clear understanding of official regulations.

After all, in order to benefit, the limits of action and flexibility should be recognised and used, and defined in an understandable manner.

Focusing on every aspect of public law, we advise, mediate and provide support to corporations wishing to engage in all kinds of competitive opportunities. This applies at both national and international Levels.

And we support municipalities with the same levels of commitment and expertise, in all areas of law and structural issues, particularly fiscal consolidation.

Our areas of expertise include public trade and industry law, legislation on waste, law on mineral raw materials, construction and regional planning law, environmental legislation, property transaction law and public procurement law. Should it become necessary to enforce your rights by way of a lawsuit, we will represent you before public authorities and courts, administrative authorities, the Austrian Administrative Court, the Austrian Constitutional Court, the European Court of Justice or the European Court of Human Rights.


Our services include:



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