Law on business offences, Money Laundering and Compliance

Occasionally situations, which require exact clarification of rights and obligations, arise in business life. These are regulated in the law on business offences. Our in-depth understanding of economic principles relates particularly to this area of law.

Our professional expertise in questions of criminal law, commercial and business law and employment of workers, is the perfect basis for dedicated, personal commitment to our clients’ concerns, as a precautionary move or as a specific action.

We represent business organisations and their statutory bodies with great empathy in matters of business offences. We advise and support our clients, whether they are the informant, harmed party or person charged, in all related proceedings and comprehensively safeguard their interests under both civil and criminal law. The focus of our activities lies in the defence of criminal prosecutions, the securing of assets and data protection, as well as the rapid recovery of potential sums in damages.

In addition, we actively participate in the creation of secure structures for enterprises, so that even negligently committed crimes can be avoided. Given the current developments in legislation and particularly in case law, such precautions are well worth taking. Specifically, we provide support for the setting up of clients’ own compliance departments, and provide ongoing assistance with individual questions on legal prevention.

We will support you in matters of civil and criminal liability of corporate bodies.

Our services also include advice in the related field of money laundering legislation for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Our range of services includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Support for harmed parties in safeguarding their rights in criminal proceedings (submitting reports to the police or public prosecutor’s office, support in investigations, assistance in claiming damages and asserting claims for legal redress)
  • Defence of persons and businesses involved in criminal cases
  • Support for the resolution of incidents through internal investigations
  • Support in the setting up of compliance departments
  • Advice on money laundering legislation
  • Guidance on matters of criminal and company law
  • Legal analyses and strategies, as well as legal opinions in criminal matters
  • Coaching and training courses
  • Preparation of expert opinions
  • Mediation in conflicts
  • Representation before courts and public authorities